Kimes Ranch Betty 17 Bootcut


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"Everything I love About Betty, Comfortable Mid-Rise Slimming Lines, and a Perfect Fit. It All Lives within Betty 17. A Tri-Blend Technology to Help with the Rebound (shape held) and Improve Wearability. Hand Sanded and Rinse Wash Gives a Lighter Vibe Making This a Great Addition to Your Look." -Amanda Kimes

Fabric: 93% Cotton | 6% Polyester | 1% Elastine

Fit: Mid-Rise, Fitted Thigh, Modest Bootcut

Details: Hand Twill, Ring Spun, Hand Sanded and Rinsed Wash Denim with Embroidered Horns on Pockets. 

Construction: 11.25 Oz. Denim

Our Jeans have the Longevity and Durability You Demand Because We Only Source Ring Spun Denim. Ring Spun Denim has Greater Tensile/Tear Strength in the Fabric Form Than Open End Yarn Found in Other Brands. Thus Our Jeans Last 2-3 Times Longer.

MADE IN THE USA - Imported Fabric